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Fly Fishing Shop Casa Grande AZ

Local resource for fly-fishing shop in Casa Grande. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to fly fishing guides, fly fishing lessons, bait and tackle stores, fly fishing gear and fishing license info, as well as advice and content on fly fishing products and services.

Dave`s Collision Specialists
(520) 426-9554
850 West Cottonwood Lane
Casa Grande, AZ
Norris RV
(520) 836-7921
973 West Gila Bend Highway
Casa Grande, AZ
Safari Mobile Home Park
(520) 836-5893
120 West Oneil Drive Lot 1
Casa Grande, AZ
Rodeo Estates
(520) 421-9008
155 E Rodeo Rd # 41
Casa Grande, AZ
(520) 421-1777
1375 E Florence Blvd
Casa Grande, AZ
SKP Cooperative Retreat Inc
(520) 426-3589
3241 South Montgomery Road
Casa Grande, AZ
A Nice Pawn LLC
(520) 876-9080
826 East Main Street
Casa Grande, AZ
Las Colinas Motor Home-Rv Resort
(520) 836-5050
7136 South Sunland Gin Road
Casa Grande, AZ
Casa Grande East Mobile Home Park
(520) 836-8823
1010 East 1st Street
Casa Grande, AZ
Desert Shadows R V Resort
(520) 421-0401
195 West Rodeo Road
Casa Grande, AZ

Fly Fisherman Vest

I remember when I first started fly fishing. I was of high school age and had set out to fish a small mountain stream for native trout with another friend. We had fished for about an hour with some success and soon came upon a gentleman who was also fly fishing this stretch. I was amazed at his vest and the multitude of pockets it had in it. Being young and fearless, I questioned what in the world he could possibly have in all those pockets. Needless to say, I was amazed at the contents.

A fly fishing vest is a very important piece of equipment. Many beginners seem to select a vest that’s going to look good on them but there’s more to it than that. The vest must be functional as well and meet your basic needs. Some new anglers go out and buy the cheapest one they can find while others go out and buy one based on looks and it ends up being much more than they need (but they'd never admit it). You’ll want to purchase a good quality vest. If you buy a cheap vest from a local department store it may begin to deteriorate in a few years.

Purpose of the Fly Fishing Vest

Let's start with the role of the fly fishing vest. Very simply, a fly fishing vest is what holds all of your fly fishing accessories and tools such as flies, clippers, tippet and leaders, various tools, floatants and weights and anything else you feel you need to have.

Mesh or Fabric?

This question is a highly debatable one and really all boils down to a matter of opinion. I’ve seen more fabric vests on the stream so they must be the popular choice although mesh offers a few benefits such as its ability to stretch a little more if needed and being cooler on warmer days. Other than that, it’s all about aesthetics. Don’t get too hung up on this one.

Pocket layout and size

You want a good number of pockets to adequately carry your accessories but don't get carried away. Naturally the right mix is important because if there are too few pockets there won’t be enough room to fit everything you need. On the flip side, if you have too many pockets, you’ll have plenty of room for your accessories but you’ll also end up trying to fit those pockets with unnecessary items that will lead to a heavy vest and eventual fatigue on the stream. I once observed a man pulling a mini fly tying kit out of his vest and sitting down at stream-side to tie a local fly. I don't know if I'll ever get to that point but I must admit, I certainly admired that man.

Another important point is that if you have too many pockets, you’ll never be able to remember where everything is located which will lead to frustration. In my humble opinion, I would go for somewhere between 15-20 pockets and no more. Select a vest that has maybe 5 or 6 smaller pockets to hold the smallest items (like your split shot or soft weight, spare leaders, fly floatant, etc). The remainder of the pockets should be of the medium to large size to hold your fly boxes (you’ll end up having a couple of these), digital camera and other things you're likely to need while out fishing. Again, anything more and you'll just end up trying to fill those pockets with useless stuff.

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Fly fishing software - Real World Fly Fishing from Pishtech.com

A few months ago I received a request to try out a new piece of software on fly fishing. Of course I quickly agreed as I always enjoy a new challenge.

After a few emails, I received my download site and the necessary codes to unlock the software. It was late that night so I got the software downloaded and installed and unlocked with the key given but then headed off to bed.

Unfortunately, my work got really busy and I totally forgot about my new toy, as I was calling it.

Then about three weeks later I heard my kids (elementary aged) carrying on from the den and went in to see what all the commotion was about. Here they had found this forgotten gem and were playing the game and having a ball. I couldn't believe my eyes. Without saying a word, I sat down behind them and watched as they tried different flies and were actually catching trout. Yes, they did have a few questions about what flies to use but they figured out the casting all by themselves. I was astounded.

Now my interest was piqued and I had to give it a try. After about 30 minutes it was time for the kids to head off to bed and then it was my turn.

I spent about 5 minutes reading the "How to" information and then went to town myself. I remember thinking back to those early "Deer Hunter" days and wondering if anybody would really be able to pull something like that off for fly fishing. Well, I quickly had my answer.

Real World Fly Fishing by Pishtech.com has done it. The guide advice, the so...

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