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Fly Fishing Sacramento CA

Local resource for fly fishing in Sacramento. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to fly fishing gear and apparel, fly fishing stores, bait and tackle shops, fly fishing guides and fly fishing lessons, as well as advice and content on fly fishing services and resources.

Maja Gear Catalog
(916)455-6252, (916)739-6708
5714 Folsom Boulevard #137
Sacramento, CA
City Bicycle Works
(916) 447-2453
2419 K Street
Sacramento, CA
New Helvetia Trade Group
(916) 446-2737
2215 J Street
Sacramento, CA
Cleaners Five Star
(916) 488-7888
5107 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
Bike Sacramento
(916) 444-0200
1050 Front Street Suite 110
Sacramento, CA
Old Sacramento Armoury
(916) 446-7079
2215 J Street
Sacramento, CA
The Rest Stop
(916) 453-1870
3230 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
Alternator Shop
(916) 446-6425
2141 Perkins Way
Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates
(916) 444-6600
Po Box 1295
Sacramento, CA
A B & M Auto Brake & Muffler
(916) 446-7533
1431 I Street
Sacramento, CA

Fly Rod Length

Choosing a fly rod length is a relatively easy decision and quite dependent on where you will be fishing. If you will be fishing a small mountain stream or spring creek with a lot of cover, then a smaller rod will be necessary. On the flip side, if you’ll be fishing medium to large streams and rivers, then a longer fly rod will be in order because it will allow for longer casts and greatly improved line mending. For trout fishing on medium sized rivers or larger, a 9’ or longer rod is generally used. For the largest rivers, a 10’ rod is generally used. On very small rivers or spring creeks, small fly rods in the 7’ to 7.5’ range are generally the most effective and most used.

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Type of Fishing

I only fish for trout so my focus here will be limited to trout but even if you’re going for something other than trout, this is still an important consideration. If you’re going to be fly fishing in the ocean or a lake, you won’t want to buy a rod designed for trout as the performance of that rod will be horrible. Even if your focus is only trout, like mine, you’ll still need to consider what type of trout you’re after. If you’re fishing for native trout in a small mountain stream, that will be quite a bit different than fishing for Steelhead on one of the tributaries off Lake Erie. Keep this in mind as we continue to step through the selection process.

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