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Bait Shops Minot ND

Welcome to the Hooked On Flies Local Pages. Here you will find local information about Bait Shops in Minot, ND. We also have compiled a list of businesses and services around Minot that should help with your local search.

Trophy Tackle Inc
(701) 838-2001
1611 46Th Street Southeast
Minot, ND
DHD Bait & Tackle
(701) 838-3759
516 37Th Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND
Dale's Bait Shop
(701) 584-2956
Highway 49 North
Elgin, ND
Fish Vision UV Lure and Jig Paints
(701) 365-8222
1122 Main Ave
Fargo, ND
Jim's Sales & Service
(701) 627-3212
Po Box 873
New Town, ND
Scheels All Sports
(701) 852-1010
Dakota Square Shopping Center
Minot, ND
Farmers Union Oil CO
(701) 463-2256
Po Box 429
Garrison, ND
Dakota Tackle
(701) 222-3092
2005 East Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, ND
Rosie's Food & Gas
(701) 483-7860
204 Main Street South
Belfield, ND
Six Mile Corner Bait Tackle & Marine Repair
(701) 337-5704
1607 Highway 83 Northwest
Garrison, ND

How to Dress for Fly Fishing

As is the case with any outdoor activity, a fulfilling day of fly fishing depends not only on catching fish but also on comfort and safety. The most comfortable clothing are going to be made of synthetic and/or natural, breathable materials. These materials will protect the angler when inclement weather sets in.

When selecting clothing it is best to select items that have earth tones such as browns, tans or greens. These colors help the angler blend in with the surrounding environment, making them as unnoticeable as possible to the fish.

Summertime or warm climate fishing is easy to dress for. You can wear almost anything that will keep you cool and comfortable. Lightweight cotton or synthetic material will allow the perspiration to escape the easiest. Along with this, it is important to protect against the sun. Make sure to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Some anglers who don’t mind getting wet will wear shorts and either a wading shoe or boot to protect their feet while wading.

Wintertime or cold climate fishing is a bit more challenging to prepare for. Choosing the proper interior clothing is essential when dressing for these occasions. Fleece or wool socks, long underwear and sweaters are essential. You’ll want to select a pair of pants that are not too tight or too loose. Jeans are not recommended because they don’t have much give to them and restrict movement when worn inside a pair of waders. Long underwear and either khakis or sweatpants are ideal.

In either climate you’ll want to be prepared for rain. The climate will determine what type of rain gear you wear. In warmer weather you’ll naturally want to wear lightweight rain gear that allows your body to breathe. In colder weather you’ll want to make sure you have some insulated rain gear available.

You’ll finish off your ensemble with the fly fishing vest. We’ve already discussed vests at some length in the Vests section so we won’t spend additional time here. Fishermen should consider how many things they intend to carry with them and then select an adequate vest for the task.

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